For dog training and competition

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Durable puncture resistant Football for dogs. 20 cm orange color Easy to catch and pick-up from the ground for the…
16.43 EUR
Plyschleksak Skinneeez Furry. Wildlife from Skinneeez, this series is a bit stronger in the fabric than usual Skinneeez and is…
11.18 EUR8.65 EUR
No place to hang your leashes, collars, whistles, keys or other small accessories? We have right solution for you!…
38.78 EUR
The Extreme Warmer jacket will keep your dog warm even in the most challenging conditions. The reflective foil inside the…
66 EUR
Starmark ball and fleece braid in different green color combinations. The ball is very durable and is available in 2…
14.48 EUR
Dumbells in 3 sizes and 3 colors. This dumbell has long been requested by the contestants in obediance Class 3,…
7.29 EUR
A sturdy cord leash for dog sports training and competitions, for active dogs and supporters. The leash has a light…
29.06 EUR
Harness for dog sports training and competitions, for active dogs and supporters. Very easy and quick to put on or…
29.06 EUR
All Zinj's , dog collars are hand made of natural Kenyan cowhide and are vegetable tanned. The inside is lined…
38.78 EUR
Use Zooro for your dogs, horses, cats and rabbits Do not tear your fur so you save your loved one…
24.20 EUR

The Hurtta Summit parka is a simple and efficient way to keep the dog's body temperature stable in cold weather.…
58.22 EUR
Soft rubber leash with or without handle 20mm x 300 cm . Available in black, red, orange and neon green
14.58 EUR

24.20 EUR
RubberLine - High quality elastic rubber toy with anti-slip tape. Ø10cm / 40cm. Suitable as a reward kit. Suitable for…
9.23 EUR
Puppy tugs of plush 26 x 8 cm, with a handle and a long rope.
10.69 EUR
Bite pad made of cotton-synthetic. 28 x 15 cm with 3 lined handles. There are several different colors
23.23 EUR
Trow & Fetch waterfun
8.65 EUR4.76 EUR
AGILITY tugs made of cotton-synthetic
6.71 EUR
Training dumbbell, can be filled
9.62 EUR
Puppy tug microfiber, 25 x 16 cm
12.54 EUR