For dog training and competition

Some products

Soft rubber leash with or without handle 20mm x 300 cm . Available in black, red, orange and neon green
14.25 EUR
Small tug 15 x3 cm + handle in same size
9.97 EUR4.66 EUR
Fleece-lined short leash in black nylon with hook in "silver
6.17 EUR3.33 EUR
Training vest Pro light is a lightweight and practical vest made from microfiber material. The vest weighs only 400 grams.…
61.27 EUR47.02 EUR

23.66 EUR
Hip & Joint Cooling Relief Shampoo. 355 ml A soothing and chilling shampoo full of natural ingredients to relieve joint…
13.21 EUR7.50 EUR
RubberLine - High quality elastic rubber toy with anti-slip tape. Ø10cm / 40cm. Suitable as a reward kit. Suitable for…
9.03 EUR
Puppy tugs of plush 26 x 8 cm, with a handle and a long rope.
10.45 EUR
Bite pad made of cotton-synthetic. 28 x 15 cm with 3 lined handles. There are several different colors
22.71 EUR
Trow & Fetch waterfun
8.46 EUR4.66 EUR
Training dumbbell, can be filled
9.40 EUR
Puppy tug microfiber
12.26 EUR
Puppy tug made of mikrofiber with Expander and solid rubber ball 50mm
14.15 EUR
I-click easy to use. Fits comfortably in hand with spiral wristband. Small size kan be hidden in hand or pocket.…
3.71 EUR2.38 EUR
Standard dummy 250 g has been developed for the youngsters. It is perfect for puppies and young dogs. Thanks to…
8.07 EUR
Reward in neon color. Expander throughout the band except the handle. Total length 57 cm, a shorter sheepskin lining and…
16.05 EUR
Belt Bag in silicone with magnet closure. The magnet makes it easy to open and close the pocket, you…
7.50 EUR
DOUXO® Calm contains the molecule Phytosphingosine, a pro-ceramide to help rebuild the natural ceramides to support a healthy skin barrier.…
17 EUR
Ball from kong with squeaker. Bungee band in different colors all matched to the ball. Red, blue , green or…
14.15 EUR
The roll is in colored fabric for easy visability when the dog has found the person. 20 cm long. Orange,…
3.80 EUR