For dog training and competition

Some products

Rawhide 71-85 % , chicken 25-13% and starch . Percentage depending on bonesize
3.01 EUR1.97 EUR
Gift card from 100 to 1000 sek. Or 10 to 100 Euro
10.39 EUR
The LIST silicon belt bag differs from other belt bags primarily through its material. It is made of low-maintenance,…
18.18 EUR

4.05 EUR
Collar with built-in light loop that you simply load with a supplied USB cable. Fully charged collar is enough for…
16.52 EUR
Marking stripes that DON'T split! The stripe is made from a fabric and has a punched out hole, making it…
7.17 EUR
Target / mousepad with rubberized back so it does not slip so easily. The target is marked so that can…
5.09 EUR
The material has been laminated with a waterproof and breathable Houndtex® membrane to keep your dog dry and warm, even…
58.08 EUR
Provit Freeze-dried products are pure, natural, additive-free products from Norway. Freeze-drying preserves the quality and nutritional value of the raw…
10.29 EUR7.17 EUR
Hurtta Polar Vest is a soft and warm high-visibility vest that yields to the dog’s movement. This close-fitting model protects…
29.09 EUR

19.22 EUR
K9 Bitepad / cotton / nylon, soft medium 17cmx5,5cmx30cm
41.04 EUR
Chuckit Erratic XL ball , 9 cm Ø. Strong expander and handel with fleece for best comfort. For the big…
20.68 EUR
Traditional bringsel made with Öko-tex artificial leather (toxic-free) and leather. BGB - hook. The roll itself is 10 x 5…
9.25 EUR
Starmark ball 7 or 9 cm Ø. Rubberized handle, 2 x30cm blue or cherry
14.44 EUR