For dog training and competition

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Starmark ball 7 or 9 cm Ø. Rubberized handle, 2 x30cm blue or cherry
14.44 EUR

10.29 EUR
Hippo tube squeeker. No stuffing in body. Half price donates from jamihundsport to WWF
12.99 EUR
KevytPomppa is a shell jacket for dogs, which protects the dog from rain and wind. Its outer fabric, model and…
53.92 EUR
Product Information •Jumppa is a care-free sweater for all kinds of dogs. It fits comfortably and warms from head to…
28.57 EUR
This ball-on-a-rope can be thrown, kicked, carried and tugged. Size 11,5 cm Ø. Red The rope can be pulled back…
16.62 EUR
The combination of oils blended with organic beeswax creates a balm which is ideal for paws which are dry…
15.48 EUR
Made of durable heavy gauge natural rubber with a plush ball a squeaker inside and a funny appearance. Guaranteed fun…
5.20 EUR4.16 EUR
The BRISTOL dog bed is available in different sizes and, thanks to its practical format and design, fits right…
70.55 EUR

17.66 EUR

Our self-made supergripleach with rubber coating is soft and comfortable to hold thanks to the faceted edges. 20mm wide and…
8.83 EUR
2 in one ball. A netball with a ropeball inside and a handle outside. Size 75 mm
6.75 EUR
130mm filled soft pillow in imitation sheepskin. 500mm long band .
8.21 EUR
3 meter long rubberized leach with expander, no handle
19.64 EUR

20.78 EUR
12 stripes mounted on clamp and hanging on the ring, ready to use ! 3 different colors; orange, yellow and…
9.87 EUR